“Faith Current is one of the most interesting, perceptive and provocative Beatles writers I’ve had the pleasure to know. Highly recommended.” — Michael Gerber, founder/editor, HeyDullBlog

Hi! I’m Faith Current

I’m a Beatles writer/scholar specializing in the study of the creative/personal relationship between John Lennon and Paul McCartney.  I’m a mythologist and the daughter of a passionate rock music historian, as well as a singer/songwriter and a Beatle fic writer. Before founding The Abbey, I was a regular contributor to HeyDullBlog (now on extended and perhaps permanent hiatus), which I’m told was at one point the most visited Beatles studies site on the web. I’m currently at work on an in-depth podcast/book about Lennon/McCartney, as well as a memoir of my journeys to Liverpool and Hamburg.

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PODCAST ANNOUNCEMENT: Having Been Some Years in Preparation

A sampling of my Beatles writing:

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